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Golden Eye Team "GET" is our official Taekwondo competition team. We train in all of the main competitive areas;

Poomsae (Forms), Kyorugi (Sparring), and Kyukpa (Breaking). We compete at high level competitions including;

State, National, and International Tournaments. Training sessions are intense, challenging, and very rewarding.




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The door is open for any of our regular program members to try and take themselves to the next level. Team Trial is a 1 year commitment with a final evaluation. If a student is successful during Team trial, showing talent, skill, determination, and commitment, then they will have the opportunity to progress into Team Transform.


What you get

  • Challenging experience
  • Training with the champions
  • Guaranteed opportunity to compete at State
  • Competition team athletic training shirt



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Team Transform DESCRIPTION

As a member of Team Transform students will begin on the journey of reaching their full potential as a GET Taekwondo Competitor. Students will be taught the intricacies of both Poomsae and Kyorugi, but will begin to transition soley into one of these two areas. Learning the rules and regulations will also become an integral part of their training. 


what you get

  • Find your true Taekwondo passion 
  • Learning and understanding the details and techniques
  • Guaranteed the opportunity to compete at Nationals
  • "GET Taekwondo" patch to put on uniform and jacket



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Team Legend members will focus solely on either Poomsae or Kyorugi. Students will be expected to put serious effort into their training as medaling at international tournaments will become a main objective. In order to fully understand both the rules and regulations of their chosen field they will also be required to become a certified referee and/or coach. 


what you get

  • Specific training for either Poomsae or Kyorugi 
  • Opportunity to become a Yang Masters UTC staff member 
  • Guaranteed opportunity to compete at International tournament
  • Golden Tiger Eye Ring



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Team World members are expected to represent the Gold Standard of what a competitor, teacher, and overall good human being should be. They are role models in not only their communities, but also around the world. They will use their expertise and life experiences to spread awareness of Taekwondo as well as positively impact the lives around them. 


what you get 

  • The ability to challenge yourself without limit
  • The capacity to positively influence the world around you
  • Guaranteed opportunity to compete at World competitions
  • Premium Golden Tiger Eye ring