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수신제가치국평천하 修身齊家治國平天下

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Here at Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center we are committed to guiding you on your journey as a martial artist. Whether you are interested in improving your health, teaching your child the value of discipline and respect, or wanting to compete in high level competitions; International World Champion and Member of Team USA, Grand Master Yang and our staff are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Taekwondo, meaning the Way of the Foot and the Fist, is a Korean martial art coming from a vibrant culture that is rooted in deep tradition. There are many aspects of Taekwondo including Poomsae (Forms), Kyorugi (Sparring), Kyukpa (Breaking), Hoshinseul (Self-defense), and Shibum (Demo). Just like other individual and team sports, there are both time and financial commitments that coincide with one's training.  We offer various programs that are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Taekwondo is not only kicking and punching but more importantly, our premier certified staff (instructing, refereeing, and coaching), are committed to teaching our students the life skills that will help them succeed in any endeavor they may choose to pursue.


Grandmaster Yang, Pok Sun



Grand Master Yang and out students competed in 2019 California, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington STATE Tournaments earning several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. All of the students did a fantastic job with the state tournaments.

Grand Master Yang and other students also competed in 2019 US OPEN Tournament and had excellent results. Grand Master Yang earned a triple crown, and Master Andy Kim earned gold in the para poomsae.

Grand Master Yang and Master Andy has also been selected to compete and coach in this year’s 2019 INA Global Games at Brisbane, Australia.


Ethan and Ian Kim

Ethan (9) and Ian (12) both started taekwondo a year ago but has trained in taekwondo for over 5 years.

They started taekwondo because they wanted to do a sport that was special and different from other sports. By doing taekwondo it helped them physically.

They enjoy sparring the most and their goals for the future is to get a gold medal in a state tournament.

They like to play games, soccer and other sports outside of taekwondo.

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